Vegas – Ambio Film, a revolutionary PDLC film that transforms smart film features and utilization, will be joining the 2018 Digital Signage Expo (DES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ambio Film is a new type of conductive polymer Smart Film made possible because of the major breakthroughs in its material technology. Ambio Film will present two pieces of unprecedented installations that simulate novel usages of smart film in retail settings.

The first piece showcases a Nike Air Max display window, with Ambio Film attached onto the glass. Aside from making the Film clear or opaque with just the snap of a finger, brands can draw people’s attention by separating the Film into different sections and playing around with the alternations between clear and opaque states. This way, the Film creates dynamic effects and serves as a flexible display platform.

Ambio Film’s second installation presents a brand-new feature in the smart film industry: “dimmability.” For the first time, the PDLC film can be adjusted to any degree of transparency and opacity. This creates a refreshing application showing clearly to human eyes the object inside the glass and the text overlay.

“We believe the versatility of Ambio Film delivers multiple value-added solutions for our Customers. On top of the projection system, we also provide media consultation and execution that combine the Film with interactive devices & lighting design.” said founder Denise Chuang. “Our seasoned Media Team has created the New Year’s Eve Light Show for Taipei 101 2 years in a row. We have the capability to bring a new integrated projection system to the market.”

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