Brand Activity (Bend)
The use of Ambio Film in brand activities, with its unprecedented bending technology, will allow brands to break free from conventional creative thinking. Ambio Film protects the product when it is opaque and becomes transparent when the product needs to be displayed. The pattern of conversion between opacity and transparency, combined with the high-tech light projection technology, will transform it into the brand's best channel of promotion and symbolic landmark, delivering uninterrupted entertainment and a dazzling atmosphere.
Brand Activity (Bend)
Kyrie Irving Tour Taipei / Nike Rise Academy
Ambio Film was asked by Nike Taiwan to create an unprecedented interactive backboard in the Nike Rise Academy, a part of NBA Star Kyrie Irving's 2017 Taipei Tour. Notwithstanding the outdoor environment, Ambio Film showcased vivid presentation of the animation effects. Our Media Development Team developed the dynamic effects of count-up, count-down and shooting, engaging the audiences to feel the intensity and ambience at the court.